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Keep the Republic with Ron Nate, Ph.D., President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation

January 13, 2024 Dr. Daniel Bobinski
Keep the Republic
Keep the Republic with Ron Nate, Ph.D., President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation
Show Notes

 Ron Nate served six years in the Idaho legislature, and for the past two years he’s served as senior policy for the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF).  This last week, IFF founding president Wayne Hoffman stepped down and in his place is now Ron Nate. 

In his opening comments on today’s show, Nate said, “Idaho owes a great deal of gratitude to Wayne Hoffman and his legacy, and my goal is to take to new heights, if that’s possible.” 

(NOTE: Wayne Hoffman has a been a guest on Keep the Republic multiple times, and his vision to keep Idaho true to the founding principles of this country is to be commended.) 

Topic 1:  IFF has been labelled by the Leftist media as a Libertarian think tank. Bobinski thinks it’s more of a conservative think tank. Ron Nate agreed, and offered his perspective on the Leftist’s practice of “label lynching” in their attempts to smear the IFF. 

Topics 2: The legislative session in Idaho just started, and that included Governor Brad Little’s State of the State address. Nate observed that the Governor has proposed hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for new spending programs. “Every agency, every aspect of our lives, he sees as something he can use the government budget to try and tackle,”  Nate says. 

In the past 10 years, the state’s budget has increased from $4 billion to $14 billion. 

(Read Nate’s perspective on this:

Topic 3: The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI) drives much of the Governor’s agenda – including his spending agenda. With gaslighting in full force, both IACI and Leftist media in the state claim IFF’s legislative bill grading system is “suspect,” when, in fact, IFF’s 12 metrics are explained in total on IFF’s website.  In reality, IACI’s doesn’t grade legislation, it grades legislators, giving them a “+1” if they vote for legislation IACI wants, and a “-1” if they vote against such legislation.  “It’s completely subjective,” Nate says. 

Topic 4: Ron was asked to define a conservative. 

Topic 5: Brad Little, as part of the National Governor’s Association, is beholden to written agreements the NGA has with the World Economic Forum. Their goal is top-down authoritarianism, and they desire efficiency instead of effectiveness, thus damaging society. 

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