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Paul Hutchinson: From Undercover Rescues to Healing Wounded Souls

August 05, 2023 Dr. Daniel Bobinski
Keep the Republic
Paul Hutchinson: From Undercover Rescues to Healing Wounded Souls
Show Notes

In case you don’t recognize the name Paul Hutchinson, it’s because, for years he went by other names. But Paul was a primary moving force to get the movie SOUND OF FREEDOM made because, for years, Paul was totally devoted to doing undercover operations rescuing trafficked children. 

If you’ve seen the movie Sound of Freedom, the character Pablo was based on the real-life Paul Hutchinson.  Because before going public, Paul was involved in over 70 child sex trafficking rescue operations. 

Highlights from Paul:

After 10 years and more than 70 rescue missions, Paul learned that the sex trafficking industry was bigger now than when he started. He realized if he REALLY wanted to make a difference, he needed to cut down on the demand for buying and selling children. 

Paul says most people who use children in child sex trafficking or child porn are themselves victims of sexual abuse.  He highlights that 1 out of 4 girls get sexually abused and 1 out of 5 boys get sexually abused – usually before they’re ten years old. The good news is that 2 out of every 3  people who’ve been sexually abused grow up and learn to deal with their abuse in healthy ways. 

However, one-third of those who’ve been abused become abusers.  

The problem is that the average age of someone confessing that they were sexually abused as a child is 52. That’s a long time to let those childhood wounds fester, so Paul is now making it his life’s work to reach out to reach people and heal them of their pain BEFORE they become one of those who become abusers.   

Paul’s work now is about forgiveness. It’s about having someone who’s seen the deepest, darkest depths of evil … of what an adult can do to a child … and yet having compassion for those people because he knows that they themselves were wounded and they never had a chance to heal. 

He said his mission now has gone from liberating a 10-year-old child to liberating a wounded 10-year-old child who’s living in a 40-year-old body… someone who never got to deal with their trauma. 

It’s a very Christian perspective because Christ’s death on the cross was for ALL sins. 

Paul’s websites are: